Demo Reel2017 from Nathan Abreu on Vimeo.

 Animation Reel My animation reel. Some work still under NDA. Password available on request.

A Squash & Stretch rig I made based on a set-up I found on the TD Matt Blog. Very handy. I also incorperated jiggle deformation for extra wiggle and ncloth drool!  Model by Jessica Bruno.



Game Prop Rig This is one of the many rigs I built for Whistler World Studios. It was for use in promotional material and the Unity game engine. Not the most complex I've built but I thought it was cute and a good example of a clean prop rig.

It's actually 3 different meshes that can be toggled on and off skinned to the one rig. Each with different details to be used in different scenarios. The most interesting I think was a watch that had a lid that opened and hands that could be animated. I did a bit of the modeling on this to edit some of the different meshes. Also did the texturing and animation on this one.